Is your favourite sports star a winemaker?

Greg Norman

Greg Norman with one of his bottles of wine

It is perhaps not surprising that a man born in Australia, who has spent a huge amount of time in the US, has developed a love for wines from both countries. Golfing great Greg Norman took that love to another level by investing in Australian and Californian vineyards. The Greg Norman Wine Estates now offer a range of 14 wines from both countries.

One Response to “Is your favourite sports star a winemaker?”

  1. Tom Dickson says:

    Not to mention half the Top 14 French rugby players. Even the 2007 World Cup Coach Bernard Laporte has a Gaillac estate. Jauzion, Pelous fight for listings at the club restaurant. The other half of course have restaurants – nothing new there. Michelak managed to lose €1.2m in 6 months, whereas Poitrenaud and Pelous partner with established operators.

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