Czech Republic

100-year old Czech beer analysed

Researchers in Prague have analysed three bottles of Czech beer that were discovered in an old cellar to see the chemical changes that occur over the course of a century.

Reward offered for return of giant cork

A giant cork has been stolen from a winery near Prague, prompting a reward of 100 bottles of sparkling wine to for its safe return.

Wine hidden at Czech castle offers taste of 1800s

Sommeliers have finally been given the chance to taste through 130 bottles of 19th century wines three decades after they were found hidden in a Czech castle.

Hot weather threatens craft beer hops

A drought in the US and a heatwave in Central Europe are threatening this year’s hop harvests, putting craft beer production in jeopardy.

Czech breweries turn to shandy

August 14th, 2012

Beer focus: Czech Republic

July 11th, 2011

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