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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Beautiful Beer Scheme earns its Marque

23rd December, 2010 by db_staff

Following the decision to bring the Beautiful Beer concept under the Cask Marque umbrella, the latter has launched a new certification scheme under Beautiful Beer branding.

cask-marque.jpgThe new initiative covers training and best practice with regards to serving and looking after beer in the on-trade. This will further extend the role of Cask Marque beyond the cask to the entire draught beer experience and cement the scheme as the last word in quality and training.

Once a scheme has been certified by Cask Marque the supplier and retailer can use the Beautiful Beer logo on certificates and marketing material.

Paul Nunny of Cask Marque said: “This will give a clear message to the trade that these programmes deliver ‘what it says on the tin’. It will also ensure that resources and funding used to improve beer quality deliver the maximum benefits.”

Brigid Simmons, British Beer and Pub Association chief executive, said: “It is vital that beer delivers a consistent, high quality experience to the customer so we are delighted to be working alongside Cask Marque in taking this initiative forward under the Beautiful Beer banner.”

Over the next six months Cask Marque will be working to produce a consumer scheme for Beautiful Beer which will reward pubs that create ‘theatre’ around beer.

Ben McFarland, 23.12.2010

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