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Top 10 most valuable beer brands in the world

New research has revealed which beer brand is the most valuable in the world this year, with the previous title-holder taking second place in 2023 to a new frontrunner.

Top 10 most valuable beer brands in the world

Brand valuation consultancy firm Brand Finance has published its annual report analysing the world’s top 50 most valuable beer brands. Here we are bringing you the 10 highest-ranking brands in the list.

Consumer preferences and buying habits are changing, with economic hurdles like the cost-of-living crisis and inflation limiting disposable incomes. However, the trend for beer drinkers has been towards drinking better, rather than more, according to Brand Finance.

Henry Farr, associate director at Brand Finance, said of the report: “It seems like beer drinkers are not necessarily drinking more, but instead, are drinking better. Visits to bars and restaurants are becoming less regular and less spontaneous, meaning many consumers are looking to trade-up on their beer of choice, prioritising taste and quality over price. Beer brands that are delivering on high quality premium lagers seem to be doing well.”

The beer industry in the US is worth more than US$409 billion, a major uptick since 2020, a report found in May, highlighting its continued importance in the food and beverage sector.

But which brands are the biggest contributors to the value of the beer category worldwide?

10. Miller Lite

Miller Lite ranked as the tenth most valuable beer brand in the world to July 2023.

The brand recently led an advertising campaign, led by Miller Lite owners Molson Coors, in March during Women’s History Month featuring comedian Ilana Glazer reminding the industry that it was women who first brewed beer. During the advertisement, Glazer also pointed out that the way the sector has responded to their historical significance is simply to sexualise them. Fans of the brand were encouraged to buy up the old sexist marketing materials and send them to Miller Lite so that they could turn them into compost.

The campaign came under fire from beer fans calling it “woke” and “tone deaf”. However, a spokesperson for Molson Coors responded to the claims the advert was woke, telling newspapers: “This video was about two things: worm poop and saying women shouldn’t be forced to mud wrestle in order to sell beer. Neither of these things should be remotely controversial and we hope beer drinkers can appreciate the humour (and ridiculousness) of this video from back in March.”

Molson Coors also launched beer drops as part of a campaign last year, debuting in time for US National Beer Day on 7 April, to make lighter beers taste more like Miller Lite.

“If, by any chance, you made the unfortunate choice of picking up one of those watery beers or you don’t have a Miller Lite nearby, you can add in these flavour-enhancing liquid Beer Drops,” Sofia Colucci, vice president of marketing for the Miller family of brands, said in April 2022 at the time of the launch.

9. Coors

The US brand ranked ninth in the most valuable beer brands in the world, with a valuation of US$2.7 billion, down 7% on last year.

8. Asahi

As Japan’s most popular beer brand, regional support has been a key driver in developing brand strength, according to Brand Finance.

Asahi Group saw growth in both revenue and core profit during the first quarter of 2023, its financial results have shown. 

Asahi Group’s total revenue grew by +7.9% year on year, driven largely through price revisions and premiumisation, the company’s CEO revealed today during the announcement of the group’s first quarter results.

Core operating profit grew by +24.3% year on year, which Asahi attributed to “improved cost efficiencies and improvements, despite cost pressures.”


7. Kirin

At the end of last year the drinks business reported that Japanese brewer Kirin Holdings was looking to buy factory facilities in North America to keep a foothold in the craft beer market.

Kirin has seen sales volumes in the North American craft beer sector rise since acquiring Colorado-based New Belgium Brewing in 2019 and Bell’s Brewery in 2021.

Kirin CEO Yoshinori Isozaki told reporters: “Our craft beer business in North America is on a roll.”

North American craft beer is now Kirin’s most profitable business, he inferred, highlighting that Kirin is on the lookout for interesting craft breweries.

The brand also began a project in early 2023 to create cosmetic packaging from beer by-products in a bid to improve sustainability.

6. Snow

Chinese beer brand Snow sits within the top 10 most valuable beer brands in the world, valued at US$3.5 billion, despite lacking the global breadth of many of the other high-ranking brands. In 2017 it was reported that Molson Coors had cut a deal to bring the colossal Chinese lager brand to the UK, but six years later the brand is still yet to make an impact on the market.

5. Modelo

Leading drinks company Constellation Brands, which counts Modelo and Corona beers, as well as Ruffino and Robert Mondavi wines among its portfolio, agreed this month to add two new members to its board as part of an agreement with Elliott, a big investor in the beverage company.

Last month, the importer also claimed Mexican lager Modelo Especial is now the number one selling beer in the US, overtaking Bud Light, according to reports.

4. Bud Light

Bud Light has made headlines this year after a campaign with transgender influence Dylan Mulvaney received backlash from right wing fans of the brand.

Mulvaney has since responded to the situation around her Bud Light video, calling out the brand for not supporting her in the subsequent backlash from the US conservative right.

3. Budweiser

Budweiser is currently valued at US$6.7 billion, according to Brand Finance, and ranks in the top three most valuable beer brands in the world.

Earlier this year Budweiser Brewing Co APAC revealed plans to expand into more Chinese cities with its “super premium” beer brands. The company, which is considered Asia’s largest beer company by sales and is a subsidiary of drinks giant AB InBev, said that after China lifted its pandemic restrictions, it had seen a resurgence in demand for high end beers.

2. Corona

Corona has been overtaken in 2023 and no longer holds the title for the most valuable drinks brand in the world, valued at US$7.4 billion.

1. Heineken

Heineken has overtaken the competition to become the world’s most valuable beer brand, valued at US$7.6 billion.

Bbrand value was up 10% this year, according to Brand Finance, and despite the inflationary pressures being faced by consumers, beer brands continue to see brand value growth.

As Europe’s best selling beer brand, Heineken experienced improved revenues and organic growth because of price hikes across the past year. Drinking habits are shifting, and consumers are willing to spend more on products perceived to be of a higher quality, meaning Heineken achieved a price premium in 2023.

In the wake of AB InBev’s Bud Light brand falling from favour, Heineken was also rumoured in May to be getting behind promoting Heineken Silver in the US, in an attempt to win over a bigger proportion of the market.

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