Spiritrade’s top 20 most traded brands

From Armand de Brignac Gold and Yamazaki 12 Year Old to Casamigos Añejo, we reveal the top 20 most traded brands on drinks trading platform Spiritrade.

With the launch of the new, updated Spiritrade platform, a vast array of new members from different drinks categories have now joined. Since the launch, founder and CEO Jimmy Metta says, “we have had a very strong reception from the industry, with a 15% jump in our overall membership count with new members joining every day from all parts of the world.

“Among the new members, we have had a number of wineries join the platform, because up until now, beer and spirits have been have been the strongest categories traded.”

Metta stated that several important brand owners have joined which, “should bring many opportunities to our members” More members, meanwhile, means more trade. Metta says there is “a lot more inventory being uploaded and traded”.

Right now, in the run-up to Christmas, there is a lot of interest in Champagne and whisky, which has given a real boost to trading. As can be seen from the table on the right, Armand de Brignac, Dom Pérignon, and other LVMH Champagnes are trading strongly at the moment, while The Macallan and Yamazaki malts are the most sought-after whiskies.

The website redesign was meant to allow for faster, more flexible and more secure trades. Metta says that this aim has more than been achieved, adding: “Our customers are happy, there are more tools on the platform that allow them to edit offers quickly and a new inventory system, which means they can upload all of their inventory lines with one click.”

There is more to come, he continues: “our platform is continuously improving and we will be updating it in the coming weeks with brand new features and improved functionality.”

See the table below for the top 20 most traded brands on Spiritrade.

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