11 of the world’s best-selling vodka brands

With hard seltzer edging in on its turf, vodka producers have had to work hard innovate in the face of tough competition. Nevertheless, many of the world’s biggest brands made significant gains in 2019, as this round up shows.

Of the 11 brands featured here, six achieved a marked increase in global sales volumes in 2019 over the the previous year, with one Ukrainian brand storming into the charts to report a 72% increase in global sales volumes, catapulting it into 6th place.

While the flavoured vodka trend continues, a focus on natural ingredients and authenticity is most keenly shaping the vodka category right now.

The influence of gin can be seen in the vodka category’s increasing use of botanicals, while the hard seltzer boom has seen producers respond with more lower ABV vodka-based RTDs.

While smoothness and neutrality remains the watchwords in vodka, provenance of ingredients and authenticity has become paramount, as producers attempt to build a greater sense of terroir and craftsmanship into their product.

Click through for a run-down of the world’s biggest vodka brands in 2019…

NB: All figures are in millions of nine-litre cases sold globally, and have been obtained directly from brand owners unless otherwise stated.

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