What is the real cost of producing Champagne?

30th July, 2020 by Gabriel Stone

It may be expensive to buy, but Champagne is certainly not cheap to make either. Gabriel Stone examines the main production costs and their implications for the world’s most famous fizz. 

So what does it cost to produce a bottle of Champagne?

What is luxury? Of course, the ascetic high ground offers worthy options such as time or good health, but for most mortals the answer is likely to involve spending hard cash on a tangible treat. When it comes to the drinks world, Champagne has done a peerless job of linking itself inextricably with luxury. It’s easy to be cynical about the marketing frills used to cement this connection, but take a moment to consider the considerable costs involved in Champagne production and that luxury price tag can start to look rather reasonable.

So what does it cost to produce a bottle of Champagne? Aside from confidential pricing agreements that blur this answer, there are simply too many variables: land may be owned, rented, managed on a share-cropping basis or a mixture of each; producers may grow all their own grapes, buy in fruit or do both; all Champagne must….

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  1. I’d love to read this article on champagne. Thank you!

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