Domaines Pierre Chavin launches alcohol-free wines in HK

Domaines Pierre Chavin, one of the pioneers of alcohol-free wine in France,  has launched a range of non-alcoholic wines in Hong Kong called Le Petit Etoilé.

Founded by Mathilde Boulachin 10 years ago in the south of France, Domaines Pierre Chavin aims to introduce a different way of drinking to the new generation. Coming from a Champagne background, Boulachin gained the knowledge of international wine marketing when working for Champagne Taittinger in Sweden.

Boulachin observes the cultural differences between markets and wants to create something new to adapt to contemporary needs. In 10 years, the company has developed a strong expertise in organic winemaking, and turned to focus on making premium quality alcohol-free wine range.

Le Petit Etoile, the brand that the company is introducing to Hong Kong, is its first organic non-fermented and alcohol-free range. The range consists of a Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Rosé and sparkling Chardonnay. Instead of traditional de-alcoholisation, the brand uses a more complicated process, which involves pellicular maceration, to achieve 0% ABV. It is claimed that the product preserves all the benefits of wine, for example, polyphenols, and has three times fewer calories than wine.

Speaking to db Asia, Boulachin said of the range: “Alcohol-free wine is a different product. Since alcohol is absent, it is the aromatics and acidity profile that comes into play. We complicate the flavour layers by using winemaking techniques. The good balance contributes to its ability to pair with an array of cuisines.”

“We have sold our products in the Japan market for many years, and we are glad that our wines achieve great success there. Among the different expressions in the range, our sparkling is performing the best, as it serves as a non-alcoholic option for drinkers when they hang out at parties and celebrations or engage in business meetings. The elegant and dynamic bubbles can be consumed in versatile ways, such by mixing in cocktails.”

“Nowadays, people can’t drink for many reasons, such as health, religion or the need to drive. We’ve seen two-digit growth in sales all over the world, and the US and Canada markets are currently our most important markets. The trend is also gaining pace in Europe and Asia. Hong Kong is cosmopolitan with an established dining scene, and as such, we are very confident that the market would perceive Le Petit Etoilé very well.”

In Hong Kong, the product range is listed in five-star hotels such as The Peninsula Hotel and Conrad Hotel. Hop Hing Loong is responsible for the region’s distribution.

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