Top 10 celebrity rosé brands

Rosé is having a moment. Once looked down upon as a frivolous, female-only tipple made almost as an afterthought as a by-product of red wine, over the last decade a rosé revolution has taken place and pink wine is now a thriving category.

No longer merely a summer sipper, rosé is now enjoyed year round and has shaken off its sexist stigma. For proof of the ‘brosé’ phenomenon, look no further than Jeremy Clarkson, who recently extolled the virtues of rosé in a column in The Sun, striking upon its inherent appeal: “There’s no snobbishness to it. It’s just something you drink because you want to feel happy”.

Elegant but unpretentious, dry rosé is a wine with crossover appeal. A mid point between the freshness of whites and depth of reds, its ability to pair with an array of cuisines makes it one of the most versatile food wines around, and its associations with lazy summer days in southern France adds to its appeal, especially at a time when air travel feels like a distant dream.

Aware of its ability to sell an aspirational lifestyle in a similar way to fragrance, celebrities have been diving into the rosé category recently, and in the last year alone we’ve seen a slew of famous faces bring out their own French rosé brands. In the following pages we’ve rounded up 10 of the best celebrity rosés on the market, from game changers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to new pink wine recruit Post Malone.

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