US lockdown alcohol sales: the latest trends


Spirit sales in Nielsen measured off-premise channels grew +27.4%, which was well ahead of the other alcohol categories, and +3.2% vs the prior week. 

Over the Covid-19 period to date since the week ending March 7, 2020, the segments experiencing the largest uptick in growth compared to the full year ending 29 February, 2020 have been:

  • 1.75L sizes, while ready-to-drink (RTD) cans (on a lower base) are up triple digits.
  • RTD cocktails, tequila and gin are the top 3, with cordials and American whiskey just behind. Gin might be a surprise, but mixers like tonic water are also flying off the shelf.
  • Certain cordial segments, including coffee, creams, cognac blends, Amarettos, Aperitifs and other specialty cordials, are selling exceptionally well, as consumers are likely trying different types of mixed drinks, including some maybe ‘flavouring’ their evening coffees.
  • The segment whose growth vs. a year ago continues to strengthen for each of the last three 4-week periods is Cognac, and we’ve noticed both an increase in the percentage of households buying and the amount they spend. 

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  1. Neil says:

    If the alcohol industry is doing that well how our business is 90% down Crown Liquors

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