US lockdown alcohol sales: the latest trends

We bring you the latest trends in alcoholic drinks sales in the US since the coronavirus lockdowns began, including the performance of wines, beers and spirits in both offline and online retail.

Using Nielsen data released last month, the following figures show off-trade sales for the week ending 18 April this year compared to the same period in 2019, as well as data comparing the Covid-19 affected timeframe, which means the period starting 7 March and ending 18 April.

Overall, total alcohol sales in the US off-trade are up 16% during the overall lockdown period compared to 2019, although the figure for the latest week is slightly down, just 0.6%, on the previous week.

The main trends can be seen below in volume terms, with more detailed analysis over the following pages.

  • Spirits has been the biggest riser since Covid-19 led to the closure of bars and restaurants in the US, with this category leading growth in Nielsen measured off-premise channels, at +27.4% (well ahead of other alcohol categories), and +3.2% vs. the prior week.
  • Wine sales are +14.1% year over year but declined from the previous week (-3.3%), which, Nielsen noted, was likely largely due to the Easter timing shift.
  • Beer/FMB/cider growth is at +12.3% (-0.9% from the previous week), with beer specifically up +4.6%.

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  1. Neil says:

    If the alcohol industry is doing that well how our business is 90% down Crown Liquors

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