US lockdown alcohol sales: the latest trends

General consumer insights

  • The increase in the actual number of buyers making purchases of alcohol is driving off-premise growth the most – up 27% for the week ending 11 April this year compared to the same week last year. Dollar spend on alcohol per buyer is also contributing strongly to growth, but at a slightly lower increase rate (up 13.3%) for the week ending 11 April compared to last year. 
  • Nielsen also conducted a survey, fielded March 27 to 17 April, to its consumer panel, to understand how and why consumers are purchasing alcohol in off premise channels.
  • Among the 10,000+ beverage alcohol drinkers surveyed, only 17% said they stocked up more on adult beverages in the past month compared to their typical purchasing, while 41% of respondents said they did not stock up at all on alcohol.
  • However, actual purchase behaviour indicates that dollar spend for that group increased by 25% for the 4 weeks ending 4 April, 2020, compared to last year. 
  • Most consumers (69%) said they are purchasing brands they know and trust. 

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  1. Neil says:

    If the alcohol industry is doing that well how our business is 90% down Crown Liquors

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