Seven unusual approaches to social distancing in restaurants

Designer dining ‘lampshades’, France

Image: Christophe Gernigon

French designer Christophe Gernigon has developed a range of plexiglass hoods which can be suspended over diners as they eat.

Called Plex’eat, the lampshade-shaped covers form a screen around diners, providing a see-through barrier around each individual.

The hoods measure 80x70cm, although Gernigon said he could develop other models large enough for families and couples to sit under.

He told Dezeen: “I imagined, during my nocturnal creative wanderings of these months of confinement, a new way of welcoming customers of bars and restaurants in search of outings.

“Though we would have preferred not to arrive at this point, it is better to consider aesthetic, design and elegant alternatives that guarantee the rules of social distancing.”

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