12 of the best wine podcasts

Unreserved wine talk

Who’s the host: Journalist Natalie MacLean
Top featured guests: Madeleine Puckette, Clark Smith, Mike Veseth
Best for: Novices to aficionados
Website: nataliemaclean.com

In Unreserved Wine Talk host Natalie MacLean takes a no holds barred approach to wine chat, covering everything from wine pairing with cannabis, the highs and lows of airline wine and what a billionaire looks for in a wine, to asking the question do wine scores matter?

MacLean is a journalist, and her inquisitive, investigative nature shines through in this entertaining podcast featuring candid conversations with some of the industry’s most colourful characters. She also leaves a lot of herself in the podcast, dedicating intermittent episodes to reflecting on her own position in the trade, and what it’s like to be a woman working in a still largely male-dominated field.

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