10 US restaurants selling their wines to go

Barolo Grill, Denver

Ryan Fletter, owner of Barolo Grill in Denver, has been selling wine to-go since last month, and found the first week to be particularly lucrative, with wine accounting for 40% of the restaurant’s to go sales. All the ‘B’ – Barolo, Brunello and Burgundy – initially proved popular. Wine sales have since dropped down to 20% of total sales.

“What we’re noticing in the last couple of weeks is that people are starting to purchase lower-priced items. I’m not sure if the exhaustion of the financials are starting to enter the mindset of the guests now that this is going to go on longer,” Fletter told Wine Spectator. In response, he is flagging up lower-priced wines to go, keeping his offer fresh and focusing on wines in the US$20-25 bracket.

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