Spain 2019 harvest report region by region

Priorat– grapes crushed in 2019: 6.2 million kg

There was less rain than usual over the winter and spring in Priorat and the most significant weather event was a four-day heatwave with temperatures over 40°C in late June and early July. Thankfully the rest of the summer was cooler than usual allowing slow and steady ripening and no signs of dehydration by the end of the summer which can occur after very hot spells with drought.

Some light rain was welcomed by growers in September ahead of a few weeks of modest temperatures which favoured steady and complete ripening as harvest dates approached. Despite the challenging heat of the early summer, especially for some Cariñena vineyards, fruit quality was generally very high in Priorat in 2019 with Garnacha performing very strongly.

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