Judgement of Paris to be recreated in Napa with Steven Spurrier

Steven Spurrier and George Taber are to head to Napa in May for “a modern day interpretation” of the famed Judgment of Paris.

Steven Spurrier at his vineyard in Dorset’s Bride Valley. Picture credit: Thomas Skovsende

The tasting later this year has been dubbed The Judgment of Napa, and provides a chance for fee-paying members of the public to take part in the blind tasting 44 years after the original event, which was organised by Spurrier for wine professionals.

50 places are available for a price of $15,000, with Masters of Wine Peter Marks and Matt Deller curating the tasting, which will also feature the men behind the original event – author Steven Spurrier as well as journalist George Taber, who reported on the results from the original judgement, which saw Californian wines placed above the great names of France.

A further 50 people for a fee of $1,500 can attend a reception and watch the tasting while enjoying “highly credible” wines.

The event is being put together by Angela Duerr of “luxury concierge service” Cultured Vine.

Commenting on this year’s tasting in a video promoting the event, Steven Spurrier said that The Judgment of Napa would “remind people of Judgment of Paris and also bring it up to date,” and described the invitation to lead the tasting in May as “a great honour”.

The event will include a welcome dinner featuring Spurrier’s sparkling wine from England, called Bride Valley Brut Reserve.

6 Responses to “Judgement of Paris to be recreated in Napa with Steven Spurrier”

  1. Charles Crawfurd says:

    1500 bucks to watch a tasting and taste some lesser wines. Hmm, I am not tempted. I wonder if they will find 50 takers!

  2. Professor Lucia Albino Gilbert says:

    Hopefully Joanne Dickenson DePuy (The hidden figures behind the Judgment of Paris, https://www.sfchronicle.com/wine/article/The-hidden-figures-benind-the-Judgment-of-Paris-13333299.php) will be among those invited as guests.

  3. Jeff Bodington says:

    Exciting idea and event, and Mr. Marks MW is personable and very credible. I hope the organizers adopt a defensible scoring and aggregation approach this time. Or, skip the scoring, enjoy the fabulous wines, and focus on some well-informed commentary.

  4. Allan Smith says:

    To be taken seriously, an event like this shouldn’t be focused on blatent profiteering.

  5. marcie says:

    Marcie Dinkel, Dos Lagos Vineyards, Atlas Peak, Napa

    This does sound exciting, and of course being a serious event with the proper judging is essential. Not sure what is meant by “lesser” wines?
    There are extraordinary wines to be tasted and enjoyed. And I am sure there will be many on this day. Looking forward to hearing more!

  6. Phil Ambrose says:

    This is a money grab. Did Spurrier charge the judges or make it an arena event in 1976?

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