15 of the best wines to drink with Christmas dinner

Red wines

Pairing reds with Christmas dinner can be a delicate balancing act, but every year, we’re told that Pinot Noir is the ideal match for the big meal.

Pinot Noir-based wines tend to be relatively low in tannin compared to other reds. This means it matches well with white meat and a whole host of fatty and salty foods one expects at dinner parties, that would only accentuate the tannins on a big, bold, young red.

With that in mind, bolder, aged Burgundy reds are a safe bet, but we’re also seeing some very interesting and delightful examples from the new world; in particular Oregon in the USA, but our Masters competitions have also surprised us with fine examples of the grape all over the world.

But it doesn’t have to be a Pinot. The important thing to remember is the structure of the tannins, and many brasher grapes lilke Cabernet Sauvignon and Tepranillo become silky and elegant with a long ageing period, making them a fine match for your feast


Pinot Noir –­ Edition A

Mixed in among the samples in this year’s Global Pinot Noir Masters was this first-rate wine from a growers-cooperative in Baden. It’s a great option for anyone looking beyond Burgundy for their fix.

Gaining a Gold from all the judges, it was bursting with kirsch-like concentrated dark cherry aromas along with some attractive vanilla notes from ageing in barriques. A ripe and juicy, generous style of Pinot, but with a refreshing finish, it was awarded high marks for being big and taught, like a four-wheel drive BMW, according to our editor-in-chief Patrick Schmitt MW.

Medal: Gold, the Pinot Noir Masters 2018

Price: Around £25

Find it here.

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