Drinks industry bodies react to Boris Johnson’s landslide victory

Drinks Ireland, which represents the interests of brewers and distillers, and distributors across the whole island, is deeply concerned with lack of clarity on the border with Northern Ireland, and the rest of the UK.

Patricia Callan

Patricia Callan, director of Drinks Ireland said, if the Conservatives do keep their promise to take the UK out of Europe by February, “frictionless trade and market access including within the UK, between NI and Great Britain, within the island of Ireland and between NI and the rest of the EU is vital.”

“In the context of Brexit, we would also call on the new Government to avoid a hard, no-deal exit from the EU at all costs.”

As well as this, the industry body has joined others in lobbying for lower alcohol duty.

“The UK has the 4th highest aggregate rate of excise on alcohol products in the EU,” Callan said. “This means that the nearly one million cases of NI-produced spirits that were sold in the UK market in 2018 faced this high level of taxation.”

“It’s vital that the government reforms the UK alcohol excise system with a view to reducing the burden of excise on alcohol sales in the UK so as to sustain consumer confidence and spending patterns, support the Northern Ireland drinks industry and ensure increasing revenue to the exchequer.”

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