Prowine China 2019: The first-timers of the show

The Jurtschitsch Winery

Another member of the Austrian Family Estates, Alwin Jurtschitsch is the adventurous wine maker of the Jurtschitsch Winery in Langenlois. Owning 57 hectares of vineyard, he took over the business from his parents 10 years ago and achieved the status as a certified organic wine producer.

On top of producing wines in a traditional method, Jurtschitsch creates some ‘natural’ wines as well. “I started my first natural wine in 2009. It was a rather funky style back then, but gradually I’m prone to fine tune the wine in a serious manner. Essentially what I want to do is ‘real wines’,” he explained.

He has observed the growing natural wine scene in Asia and exports his wines to markets where the trend is much more strongly entrenched, especially in Japan and Taiwan. At the show, he found people generally showed curiosity towards Austrian wines yet natural wine is still a very new thing in the Chinese market.

The visitors were mainly looking for wines in traditional styles; though once in a while he did bump into some knowledgeable natural wine lovers. He is looking forward to seeing the flourishing of the natural wine scene in China, saying: “China is quick in movement. I can see anything new taking place in the market will grow big in the next one to three years.”

Regarding his first participation at Prowine China, he did not expect much as he is completely new to the market. During his stay in Shanghai, apart from working at the fair, he was enthusiastically checking-out the natural wine bars in Shanghai. “It is a community around the world!” he said.

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