ASC Fine Wines announces partnership with Burgundy School of Business

One of China’s biggest fine wine importers, ASC, has announced a “strategic partnership” with the wines and spirits department of the Burgundy School of Business.

Yoshihiko Shibuya, CEO of ASC Fine Wines met Jérôme Gallo, director of the School of Wine & Spirits Business of the Burgundy School of Business, in Shanghai on 18 November to sign the partnership.

Shibuya commented: “ASC Fine Wines has its constant focus on quality as its strategy, to which quality people is essential. The alumni of Burgundy School of Wine & Spirit Business (SWSB) have contributed greatly to the success of ASC during the last twenty years. I am confident the our strategic partnership will continue to grow and benefit not only us or SWSB but also the wine market in China as a whole.”

Gallo added: “The recognition of SWSB from ASC is truly a great honour for the faculty. I believe the multinational co-operation can broaden students’ horizon on an international level and equip them to be more competent. Hopefully this could prepare them to be strong players in the industry.”

The wine and spirit faculty of SWSB enjoys the long-standing recognition in education for over a century.

The presence in China can further help them understand the needs of the local market and adapt the curriculum accordingly. For Chinese wine importers, such as ASC Fine Wines, this is particularly essential as they are experiencing a growing demand for local talent in order to support the expansion of the company and industry in China.

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