Gin, Juniper and Brexit – are producers ready?

16th October, 2019 by Arabella Mileham

As the threat of a no-deal Brexit looms closer, what will the impact on the UK’s boom gin industry and producer’s ability to import the all-important botanicals necessary to produce the liquid? Arabella Mileham reports

There’s nothing more British than a G&T – a quintessential drink that gained notoriety during the 18th century and has been enjoying a renaissance in recent years, sending sales of the juniper-infused drink stratospheric. The UK has been at the forefront of the gin renaissance of the past 20 years, which has seen the number of English distilleries overtake those in Scotland for the first time, rising from 23 in 2010 to 166 in 2018, thanks to loosened regulation and growing sales.

Total UK gin sales hit a record £3 billion in the year to May 2019, with exports of £730 million and domestic sales of over £2.3bn, or 76 million bottles, which is predicted to surpass the 100m bottle mark within the next year. However, a year ago, the Wine and Spirit Trade Association  (WSTA) issued a stark warning that a no-deal Brexit – which at the time of writing remains dangerously close – means the UK could….

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