Australian wine brand McGuigan launches rosé with ‘craft cues’

Australian wine brand McGuigan is expanding its range of craft-focused bottles with the launch of a new dry rosé.


McGuigan’s rosé has been made with grapes from parent owner Australian Vintage’s vineyards in South Australia, the rosé is said to be perfectly paired with a seafood linguine or light summer salad.

Chief winemaker, Neil McGuigan said the new expression “embodies McGuigan’s whole commitment to always making wine the hero.”

“Every stage of the winemaking process crafts each wine with care and precision; from sourcing the grapes, to selecting the right parcels – creating a range where the last bottle tastes just as good as the first.”

McGuigan’s chief operating officer, Julian Dyer, said the launch comes at a time when consumers are demanding more “craft”-focused products. The new rosé label features the winery batch number and yeast strain used, which he said taps into the kinds of “craft cues” drinkers seek out on bottle design.

Dyer said: “With wine being the original craft beverage, we wanted to share our dedication and expertise when making this varietal.”

The Single Batch Project rosé is on sale in Co-op supermarkets, with an RRP of £7.50.

One Response to “Australian wine brand McGuigan launches rosé with ‘craft cues’”

  1. Poppydrinks13 says:

    I have tried many Rose’ wines from all over the world and have just tried McQuigan Dry Rose 2019. It is not very good, Dry, yes but also acidic and thin.
    Not good value at £7.50. Rather have Waitrose Provence Rose’ at £8.99

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