5 cocktail trends to watch in 2020

Creative menus

Menus with a twist have been emerging in London and beyond over the past two years.

Last year, social media company Twisted launched a pop-up bar in London, that used data collected from likes, shares, and views on its social channels to dictate its cocktail menu in real-time. Meanwhile, Michelin-starred restaurant City Social in London launched an augmented reality cocktail menu called Mirage, which takes imbibers on a journey of art through the ages. Upon booking, customers are invited to download a purpose-built app, created by Mustard Designs. The app, in terms of MB, will be around “the same size as Facebook,” Atherton said.

“With ever increasing back bars, a greater number of brands and unusual ingredients the bar can be a difficult place for consumers to navigate and can be confusing when it comes to ordering a drink,” the report said.

“This means the menu is a vital tool in bringing drinks offerings to life and an essential for venues. From the world’s top bars through to National Groups, 2019 saw venues getting creative with their drinks menus to ensure stand-out from the crowd.”

At the American Bar at The Savoy, for example, the most recent menu creation sees a list of 20 cocktails all inspired by the musicians who have played at the American Bar throughout its 130-year history, according to the report.

Meanwhile, Soho’s 100 Wardour Street launched a daring politically-themed cocktail menu for the first time this September, with the drinks themselves sending up world leaders from Theresa May to Kim Jong Un.

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