Rosé Masters 2019: results and analysis

The judge’s view: Patricia Stefanowicz MW

“Under £10 there were some genuine, easily quaffable crowd-pleasers with abundant fruit and nicely judged vibrant acidity to balance the wines out.
“The £10-15 bracket was a bit variable, and provenance did not matter much. The Provençal wines appeared fairly consistent. At this price point there were also some nice surprises from Greece, Argentina and South Africa. Above £15 there is an expectation that the wines will deliver an exceptionally enjoyable experience. And it is true that the best producers, whether in Provence or elsewhere, delivered excellent wines. The oaked wines were a delicious group. Even at £10-15, the wines were balanced, with oak gently accenting attractive red fruits. Above the £20 price point the wines were glittering gemstones.”

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