Huge mound of manure and ‘malicious’ signs dumped outside pub

The owners of a Hampshire pub have been left perplexed after a large pile of manure appeared outside the premises accompanied by several foul-mouthed signs.

Owners of the Hawkley Inn pub in Hampshire were shocked to discover a huge heap of dung dumped outside the front door accompanied by five foul-mouthed placards accusing the landlord of having an affair.

The inexplicable excrement was first spotted on the morning of 19 August accompanied by five signs reading “the landlord is f***ing my wife”.

Pub landlord and chef, Simon Emberley, said the allegation was “unfounded and untrue”, believing instead that the pub is the target of a smear campaign.

Speaking to media at his pub, he added: “All I know is I turned up for work at 7.30 this morning, and there was a big pile of sh*t in the road.

“I don’t know where it’s come from or who has done it, but something like this can turn somebody’s life upside down.

“Whoever has done it is trying to ruin our business.”

Emberley said that he had reported the incident to the police, who confirmed they were investigating an allegation of “malicious communications” at the pub in Liss.

A spokesman for Hampshire police added: “The five placards were placed in a pile of manure that had also been dumped outside the Hawkley Inn in Pococks Lane.

“It is believed they had been placed there overnight between 10.30pm on August 18 and the following morning.”

Anyone with information on the mystery manure dumper are advised to ring 101 and quote reference 44190293559.

Fortunately, Emberley and his wife Jo have seen the funny side, and posted a photo of a sign outside the pub declaring “free local horse manure donated by generous supplier!”

Describing itself as a “quirky freehouse”, The Hawkley Inn was recently praised in the Sunday Times for the quality of its hand-raised steak and kidney pies. According to its website, the pub serves a selection of local and regional cask ales, as well as beer from local micro-breweries, from seven hand pumps.

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