Top 17 richest Brits in drinks

16. David McMullen and family

Position 2019: 694

Position 2018: 725

Worth: £173m

Rise/fall: +£12m

Sources: Brewing

The McMullen family is responsible for independent Hertfordshire Brewers McMullen, founded in 1827. The business is now run by the sixth generation, and makes a range of ales, including Hopping Mad and Stronghart, and operates more than 130 pubs across the home counties.

According to the Sunday Times, profits fell below £13m on £79.2m sales in 2016 but net assets grew by £8m to £139.3m, with other assets and dividends raising the family’s fortune to £161m.

Between 2017-2018, net assets rose by £6m to hit £161m, with the 2018-2019 period witnessing another rise.

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