Burgundy index stumbles in March

Having been by far the dominant Liv-ex index of the past few years, the Burgundy 150 stumbled again in March, declining 2.3%.

A part of the Fine Wine 1000, the broadest measure of the market, the Burgundy 150 is showing signs of slowing after a powerhouse performance over the last five years.

It declined 2.29% last month after a decline of 3% in February as well.

It is now down 5.6% on the year-to-date. It’s still up 22% over the course of a year and 93% over the last five but perhaps Burgundy prices have finally got a bit toppy in a market that is settling back a little bit at the moment – as witnessed by the Fine Wine 100’s performance as well.

Pretty much all of the sub-indices of the FW1000 declined to some extent last month with the exception of the Champagne 50 and Italy 100 which each rose a little over 1%.

The index as a whole declined 1.3% in March after a 3% dip in February. These declined have reversed a quite extraordinary run of growth for the FW1000 which has been rising fairly constantly since early 2016.

Neither the Fine Wine 100 or 1000 have shown any positive performances so far this year.

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