Top drinks marketing campaigns and news: January

Concha y Toro

Chilean wine giant Concha y Toro received the Cool Place to Bike award last month for its success in its sustainability objectives.

Overall, the producer as saved 4.2 tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent to avoiding 1,547 litres of fuel, planting 279 trees, doing 86,698 minutes of exercise or burning 420,000 calories.

The company encouraged its employees to download an app, developed by Kappo Bike, which measures the daily journeys carried out either by foot or by bike. All its employees participated in the campaign throughout November last year.  

“This initiative not only helps the environment, but also the competitors, by improving their health and quality of life, which you can see in the final results: in total, there were 419,000 calories burned and 31,250 trips carried out, which equated to 274,000 kilometres. This is the same distance as going around the Earth seven times”, said Iván Páez, founder and CEO of Kappo.

Páez also said that 55% of the companies that participated in “Cool Place to Bike” achieved, and in some cases exceeded, their goals. He hopes to increase participation for the next campaign, which will happen in April 2019, as the goal is to increase health and environmental awareness in Chile.

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