Eight places where you can spend the night in a wine barrel

Hotel Vrouwe van Stavoren, Netherlands

In addition to its regular rooms, Hotel Vrouwe van Stavoren boasts 12 original wine barrels that have been converted into accommodation. These include eight 23,000 litre barrels and four 15,000 litre barrels, each equipped with televisions.

The larger barrels include a “spacious bathroom” with a separate shower, toilet, sofa and as well as bed and sofa. One of the 23,000 litre barrels has also been converted into a “wellness wine barrel”, complete with sitting room, and a wellness area which includes a sofa, double indoor jacuzzi, shower and steam cabin.

Address: Hotel Vrouwe van Stavoren Havenweg 1 8715 EM Stavoren

Contact: 0514-681202

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