Amcor unveils Easypeel capsule technology

Amcor has unveiled a new capsule system that allows for easier opening with its Easypeel capsule, while “preserving time-honoured traditions that are important to discriminating aficionados”.

Amcor’s Easypeel technology allows for a clean and consistent opening of an aluminium capsule

The Easypeel wine-opening system uses a one-piece aluminium capsule engineered to open wine bottles along a clean line, every time.

Unlike other technologies that rely on pull tabs, Easypeel allows consumers to use traditional bottle openers.

Users place the knife from an opener at a point indicated on the capsule and peel back to create a clean and consistent opening.

The improved design prevents tearing, over-cutting or removing the entire capsule, which Amcor says can “detract from the carefully crafted aesthetics wine brands work to develop”.

“We created Easypeel for everyone who loves wine,” said Nicolas Freynet, general manager, Amcor Capsules.

“From people enjoying a glass with dinner to those serving dozens of bottles daily, everyone can now cut a perfect line, every time.

“The most important beneficiaries of this innovation, however, may be the winemakers themselves.”

The system requires no design or manufacturing changes during the bottling process and offers the “elegance of tin” in an aluminium capsule at a considerably “more stable” price, says Amcor.

For more on Amcor’s Easypeel technology click here.

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