8 of the best wine subscription services in the UK

Averys of Bristol

One of the UK’s most historic wine merchants, Averys can trace its history back to 1793, but it was in the 1920s that it became a firly established, thanks to Ronald Avery. He preferred to travel to wine estates to taste the wines with the winemakers, instead of buying from agents. That ethos was continued by Ronald’s son, John Avery, who became the first to import many Australian, Californian wines and New Zealand wines into the UK. Today, the family business is run by John’s daughter, Mimi.

In a nutshell: The Averys Signature Wine Collection offers members a 12-bottle case of wines with a discount on their standard price, along with tasting notes, plus a bonus wine suited to your tastes for free, every quarter.

Financial commitment: £79.22 each quarter, with the option to skip or delay deliveries.

Delivery charge: Standard delivery is £7.99, regardless of how many cases are being sent, or free for orders over £200.

Starting price for a mixed case of 12: £79.22

Overall yearly cost: £316.18 (plus delivery) for 48 (four cases) over the year = £6.58 a bottle average

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