Pub flooded with beer during break-in

A pub was flooded with 77 gallons of beer when burglars broke in and turned on every tap.

The Kings Arms in Holyhead

The Kings Arms Hotel pub in Holyhead, North Wales, was broken into in the early hours of Saturday morning and flooded with beer, as reported by North Wales Live.

Dawn Dreyer, the pub’s landlady, discovered the flood and said that raffle and lottery money had been stolen.

Ms Dreyer told North Wales Live: “Seventy seven gallons of beer ended up on the floor so that you can imagine the mess and the smell when we discovered it on Saturday morning.”

Though Dreyer described the break-in as “disheartening” locals rallied around to help the landlady and the pub’s staff get the pub ready to reopen on the same day.

“We were back open on Saturday night because as usual the community has helped us,” she said.

“I’ve had loads of messages of support, and people asking if they could help in any way. It’s been marvellous.”

The police have taken fingerprints at the pub but have yet to charge anyone.

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