Vinolok introduces embossing on glass closures

Glass closures company Vinolok is introducing a range of customisable bottle stoppers to its range, allowing drinks makers to give their products a “tactile” edge.

The new feature, which allows a company to stamp its logo or name directly onto the stopper, is in line with the trend of embossed bottles made popular by a number of bottle producers in recent years, according to Vinolok.

“The glass embossing is a technique that makes it possible for the branding to rise above the Vinolok surface and to achieve tactile sensation.”

Glass embossing, it said, is a signal of “premium quality” to consumers.

“Many customers keep the Vinolok closure long after the bottle is empty,” said a statement, “making it a worth-while investment into your brand.”

Vinolok’s parent company is Preciosa – one of the world’s leading producers of glass and Bohemian Crystal.

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