Ex-soldier’s furry ferret friends banned from pub

An ex-soldier has accused a pub of discrimination after he was banned from bringing his pet ferrets into a pub due to their “pungent smell”.

Tim Pender, from Cornwall, had been taking his three pet ferrets – Joy, Grace and Jason – along to The Old Coastguard pub in Mousehole for several years. However as reported by Cornwall Live, that tradition has come to an abrupt end, after its owners banned the cuddly trio from popping along for a pint with Pender having received several complaints about their presence.Customers had apparently taken issue with their “pungent smell”.

Pender has since accused the landlord of discrimination, claiming that a ferret is no different than a dog, and that they should be afforded the same watering hole rights.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the ferret owner, who served with the Royal Signals between 1984 to 2003, said: “I was devastated. I felt sick – it was like I had been punched in the guts. It feels like I’ve been discriminated against. I take my ferrets everywhere I can. They are my companions.

“The pub allows dogs but not ferrets – that was the biggest feeling of discrimination. It’s totally unfair.”

The pub’s general manager, Louis Vanhinsbergh, added: “We had been receiving complaints for a good few months – people were asking to move tables and some were not willing to even eat here any more because of the pungent smell of the ferrets.

“In fact, I didn’t tell him just how many people had complained and for how long as I knew it would upset him.”

Leo the cockatoo

The fact that the pub allows dogs in the first place was also a complication, given that ferrets and dogs generally don’t get along well.

Mr Pender is now a regular at the King’s Arms in the neighbouring village of Paul, where his ferrets are still welcome.

Pender isn’t the first to have had an exotic pet booted from the bar. In 2016, news broke of a beer-drinking cockatoo that had been banned from a Wetherspoon pub in Lancashire.

“He is lovely and I don’t think a parrot should be in the house caged up…He is a beautiful bird, timid, very friendly,” said Mr Wilson, as reported by the Lancashire Telegraph. 

Six-year-old cockatoo Leo was banned from the Old Chapel Wetherspoon pub in Darwen, Lancashire, after staff told his owner, David Wilson, that it operated a strict no pets policy, with the exception of guide dogs.

His favourite drink is apparently Red Stripe beer….

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