Bibendum: Top wine trends for 2019

2. Diversity of the Americas

Planet earth with some clouds. America’s view.

“There’s great excitement in the Americas beyond Chile, Argentina and the US. In the south, Uruguay seems to be the answer to ‘what’s next?’, with wines from the country found on 39% of premium wine lists. The strength of this trend is diversity: it’s not just Tannat, the country’s hero variety, but whites, other reds, sparkling and dessert wines feature as well.

“Heading to North America, we turn our attention to Canada. Renowned for its Icewine production, 30% of premium lists now also feature still red wines from the country. These command premium prices, starting from £60 a bottle, fitting in with the current consumer trend of premiumisation.”

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  1. Carolyne says:

    An excellent overview of exciting trends, cheers!

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