Trend Spotting: 10 alcohol trends in UK retail to watch in 2018/19

4. Large formats

Magnums continue to grow in the supermarket sector.

Magnums have been making a comeback for a while, with Waitrose reporting a more than 120% boost in sales two years ago, but now smaller formats are growing in stature too.

Tesco launched a range of 37.5cl half bottles and 50cl bottles in store this April, following the lead of Aldi and Waitrose, which launched their own smaller-format wines this year. Among the Tesco wines in the new smaller formats are a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, a Valpolicella, a Beaujolais and a Rioja Reserva.

Magnums and half bottles have boomed in supermarkets, thanks to what Dyer calls the UK’s recent “major structural lifestyle changes”. On the whole, people are drinking less, but both Dyer and MacRae say quality is still a crucial concern, so a couple that wants to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner may go for a half bottle over the traditional 75cl measure.

Magnums of Prosecco, Dyer says, are popular for their ability to create a “sense of theatre at a more affordable price point”, and though Brits are drinking an average of one less alcoholic beverage each week (Neilsen), the trend isn’t about to die out just yet.

In June, The Magnum Company, an online retailer specialising in 150cl bottles, was founded by friends George Clements and Edward Harrison, who spotted a gap in the market for an online retailer solely selling magnum formats of quality red, white, rosé, Champagne, Sherry and Port.

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  1. Andy says:

    Great to see Fifth Spire get a mention from LICHFIELD, not sure the LITCHFIELD village in Hampshire has much to do with it though?!

  2. Will says:

    Just Crisps & Just Oil another business near lichfield producing 100% uk crisps and rape seed oil. Tasty.

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