Fourteen promising drinks inventions unveiled in 2018

8th August, 2018 by Phoebe French

Re-usable and recycled metal straws

An American bike manufacturer decided to help the drinks industry reduce is plastic usage after it decided to sell straws made from leftover tubing.

Firefly, which is based in Boston, Massachusetts, started selling titanium straws on 24 July in three sizes — five, eight, and 10 inches, but sold out of them after less than 24 hours.

“We have used up 7.5 years worth of titanium scrap in less than 24 hours,” said a blog post on the manufacturer’s website.

The straws, which can be shipped oversees, are made to order, meaning you can pick the length, the color and whether you want it bent or straight

“As we generate more scrap that can be turned into more straws we will make these available….

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2 Responses to “Fourteen promising drinks inventions unveiled in 2018”

  1. John Hancock says:

    I have a patented drinks accessory design that I need to set before the eyes of people familiar with the drinks industry. I am a retired Forex trader and have no knowledge of the drinks industry apart from enjoying a pint or two of lager. A business amateur I admit, but as an ex- trader I do recognise a good thing when I see it . Our survey indicates a 80/85 approval rating by social drinkers for this innovation. There are millions of people globally ready to use the product of this design, and my challenge is finding a way of getting it to them. Hit the 3 lines top left and take a look at the “brochure” on the website…all will be revealed.

  2. Brian Smith says:

    I was worried about the marine wildlife when I saw the plastic rings. I really wanted to be a part of saving Marine wildlife. So I decided to Buy a Photodegradable Six pack rings applicator and I got it with the help of my friend. With the help of this machine I’m able to reduce the harmful plastic usage.

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