50 Cent launches $1,000 Champagne ‘for winners only’

31st August, 2018 by Patrick Schmitt

American rapper 50 Cent has launched his own brand of Champagne “for winners only” with a gold-plated cross on every bottle and a blanc de blancs costing $1,000.

Le Chemin du Roi rosé was launched in Atlanta last night with a retail price of more than $300

The Champagne was unveiled at a party in Atlanta last night following a US-based soft launch in April.

Called Le Chemin du Roi, meaning ‘the king’s path’, each bottle features a 14 karat gold-plated emblem resembling the king chess piece.

The range comprises a brut, rosé and blanc de blancs, retailing for $199, $325 and $999 respectively, although only the pink Champagne has been released so far.

Source of the fizz is Reims-based Champagne Castelnau, which is owned….

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13 Responses to “50 Cent launches $1,000 Champagne ‘for winners only’”

  1. Marcie says:

    I would to love to get a bottle

  2. Just watch you on Steven Colbert great job. Always been a Fan

  3. Larry Evans says:

    50 Cent, I Larry Evans watched you on The Late Late Show
    On 1-11-19, where you (50 Cent) and James Gorden toasted the Le Chemin Du Roi Chanpane,
    and I thought wow it would be a dream come true and an honor if you could send me a bottle of your Le Chemin Du To Chanpane for my 67th birthday on January 16. If so e-mail me at thelordismyshepherd9112@yahoo.com requesting my mailing address.

  4. Sonia Calderon says:

    I reside in Miami, Florida and would really like to purchase a bottle, but I haven’t found where I can purchase for a Wedding I am going to attend. Can you please advise where I can purchase or where I can order on line.

  5. 75 Cent says:

    Anybody that thinks that 50cent knows anything about making champagne must also think that 50cent is qualified to be an astronaut on the Mars Space Mission…

    . But then as the old adage states….”A fool and his money are soon Parted!!!…Mark

    • Illya Reid says:

      He doesn’t have to know about champagne just the market and he is his own advertising watch the sales go up and then he sells like he did with vodka if u didnt know about he’s smart with his look at vitamin water which made him millions…

  6. JWhite4517 says:

    What up 50 I was in Atlanta that night but was unable to attend the party cause I was working. Now that I’m a business owner I can enjoy my Le Chemin du roi I just bought. I’ve been a fan since Rowdy dropped on the In Too Deep Soundtrack. Your business moves have inspired me to want better not only for me but for my family as well. Thanks for making a beverage for winners to celebrate being victorious.

  7. Cliff Curtis Moleane says:

    Hi it’s Cliff Curtis Moleane from, South Africa I’m a 50 Cent fan since he has worked with G-Unit and worked on your Solo project and I know that you have strong support base here in S.A. and I would appreciate to push you Champagne Le Chemin Du Roi in the South African Market.

    Kind Regards Cliff Curtis.

  8. Xolani says:

    Hi is Xolani from South Africa and I follow you from 2000 and till now you big up good work my granny like to say you can born poor but die rich I see you rich bro and it make me feel good when I watch your video in YouTube talking abt money and that tell as in hard work the good thing’s we going to support you and I will like to learn from you tell me what keep you goin mybe you should write book so we can learn from you don’t die with this gift God give you thanks you Xolani from South Africa

  9. Cee Gee says:

    Been popping Ace’s and Cristal for years …
    But, was instantly hooked the first time I tasted Le Chemin du Roi @ a showcase. Now, its all I drink and recommend to people. Definitely a champagne for winners!!!

  10. devoria gordon says:

    Very proud of all your business endeavors. Still have to buy 50th law, please write a book on helping females how to go about be great Entrepreneurs.

  11. Wow privilege….can I get blessed with a bottle

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