The week in pictures

It’s been Way Too Hot since June, so let’s start with something to cool you down.

Is there anything more British than an army officer trekking the highest mountains in the Himalayas in sub-zero temperatures — Oakleys fogged, ginger beard frozen on one side by the icy winds — only to sit down and drink a gin and tonic when the whole business is done?

Well that’s exactly what reserve officer Jake Meyer did on Monday when he became only the tenth Briton in history to scale K2 – Mt Everest’s smaller sibling and the second tallest mountain in the world.

Jake’s Recipe for the K2 G&T: Climb to the summit, then combine one can of frozen Fever-Tree, one miniature bottle of near frozen gin, and a handful of snow. Stir with an icepick, using however many fingers you have left for leverage. See? This is fine. Everything is fine.

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