Ladbrokes and William Hill predict which English wines will be served at the royal wedding


The Duchess of Cornwall takes a tour of the 72-hectare Hambledon Vineyard in Hampshire. (Photo: Chris Ison/PA)

Could Hampshire winery Hambledon become favourite weekend break spot for LA-born Ms Markle? In a move that would make both biodynamic producers and fitness freaks proud, the drinks maker started offering a programme of seasonal yoga retreats in January designed to mirror the growth cycle of grapevines.

Hambledon Classic Cuvée rosé gets 16/1 from William Hill, but Ladbrokes facies its chances better with odds of 8/1.

3 Responses to “Ladbrokes and William Hill predict which English wines will be served at the royal wedding”

  1. Reece Clarke says:

    I hope its Pol Roger (as its naturally the best choice anyway) and hope the bookies take a complete spanking. English wines are for tourists.

  2. Katharine O'Callaghan says:

    I would be absolutely amazed if they don’t go for a top notch English Sparkling Wine (any of the wines featured in your article are more than up to the job). Why would you go for a French Champagne when there is so much amazing home-grown fizz?

  3. james says:

    Got to be Hattingley Valley, surely? and Reece, are you completely mad? English fizz regularly scores higher in blind tastings with Champagne, and Pol Roger is an acquired taste for most, it’s mild salinity not to most people’s liking – plus, it’s French! You really need to get out more, or just open your mind if you really believe that English wines are just for tourists – you are seriously ill-informed.

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