2018’s Drinks Business Awards: profiling the recipients

Trade Campaign of the Year


The Benevolent for #NotAlone

This year’s Best Trade Campaign was not for a new product or brand, but a cause closer to the hearts of the drinks trade. Earlier this year, drinks trade charity The Benevolent took significant steps to broaden the charity’s support network beyond practical and financial support, with the launch of a mental health helpline open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm.

Up until that point, The Benevolent would redirect members of the trade facing mental health issues to other specialist charities or organisations. Called #NotAlone, the campaign coincided with the appointment of Chris Porter as its new CEO, and sought to open channels of communication within the drinks trade on subjects such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Recently, the charity reached an agreement with its partner charity in Scotland, The Ben, to unify the national drinks industry under the #NotAlone campaign and expand its support network further still, ensuring that every drinks industry employee in the UK will have access to mental health support. The Benevolent plans to build on the campaign by continuing to expand the conversation about mental health, advocating for the creation of specific mental health HR frameworks to be used within the trade.


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The Benevolent for #NotAlone

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  1. Philmo says:

    In terms of the totality of customer satisfaction and lifetime achievement in supporting and upping the ante in the global winemaking industry, Tony’s CBE must be the most deserved ever!

    Well done sir!

    Come to think of it – why wasn’t it a knighthood?

    Best Regards


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