VIDEO: This Costco fan’s unofficial advert dedicated to the store’s beer has suddenly gone viral

A man with a burning passion for bulk retailer Costco has received international acclaim for creating an unofficial advert dedicated to the store’s beer.

Colpeck, a carpenter from California, decided to take marketing into his own hands by filming his own advert for Costco’s Kirkland Signature Light beer.

The video is a series of “outtakes” where Colpek breaks through a tower of beer crates, shouting out a series of vaguely coherent slogans.

Highlights include:

  • “Kirkland Light: it’s got 30% less calories, so you can drink double the amount”
  • “Kirkland Light: It’s 11 a.m. somewhere.”
  • ”Kirkland Light: Got a drinking problem? Now you got a drinking solution!
  • “Kirkland Light: Life is like beer; drink it in, then p*ss it out.”

Colpeck uploaded the video around a year ago, but it quickly picked up steam after a Reddit user shared it on the website.

The video has picked up 319,433 views on Youtube, and has already received a lot of praise in the comments.

“I wish commercials were like this, they are way too professional these days,” said one user

“This is just as stupid as i thought it would be” should probably be the company motto,” another added.

Despite his efforts, Colpeck has said on Reddit that the store has expressed “no interest” in the advert.

Colpeck also revealed to Redditors the motivation nehind making the video.

“We had so much fun, and honestly it was just about the laughs we had that day,” he said.

“I took a couple months to get around to editing it and it was just for our friends on Facebook. Folks liked it so here it is on Reddit.”

Colpeck claims to drink around 18 light beers every day, five days per week.

Despite declaring his love for Costco’s cheap beer in the advert, he later added that “all cheap beer is pretty much the same.”

The low-cost Kirkland private-label, which also includes groceries, household products and clothing brand makes up roughly a quarter of Costco’s annual sales, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A crate of 48 of these beers costs around £16 ($22).

Costco declined to comment.

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