The 20 most beautiful restaurants in London

Savini at the Criterion

Housed in a Grade II listed building dating back to 1873, Savini at the Criterion in Piccadilly boasts some of the most opulent interiors in London, with its Corinthian columns, ornamental tile work, elegant arches, shimmering chandeliers and glittering gold neo-Byzantine ceiling made with gold leaf.

The restaurant was built by architect Thomas Verity in the late 19th century in the Neo-Byzantine style. The original space boasted a ballroom on the third floor and a theatre in the basement.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle even used it as the setting for Dr Watson learning of his new roommate, one Sherlock Holmes, while dining with a friend. 

4 Responses to “The 20 most beautiful restaurants in London”

  1. Stephen Browett says:

    Can’t believe that you left out Bibendum

  2. How wonderful to see such opulent places to dine – my visit to Zedel’s when I was in London three years ago was memorable for the food, service, and of course the wine, as well as the OTT decor. A memorable experience. Thanks for these photographs.

  3. Aga says:

    Hi, Dickie Fitz is closed! Check out No 11 in Pimlico instead.

  4. Thanks for sharing the information about most beautiful restaurants in london.

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