Pinkster Gin co-founder: we’re not a hipster brand

23rd March, 2018 by Phoebe French

While admitting that the millennial penchant for pink has helped the brand, co-founder of Pinkster Will Holt believes keeping things simple, sticking to your guns and developing a loyal following is what has helped his company to succeed.

Speaking to the drinks business this week, co-founder of Pinkster Gin Will Holt is adamant that not over-complicating things has been integral to the brand’s success.

Launched in 2013, Pinkster is celebrating its fifth year in business. Along with Edgerton Gin, it was one of the pioneers of the pink gin category that has recently come to prominence with big players Gordon’s and Beefeater entering the field.

To survive in what is already a saturated and sometimes overwhelming market, Holt thinks simplicity is key.

“We’re not a hipster….

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