Latour releases: A tempting offer?

Château Latour has released some ex-cellar stock of its 2006 grand vin and an eagerly awaited first tranche of its 2012 vintage in the shape of second wine Les Forts de Latour.

The wines were released this morning and while the 2006 has a small premium that could prove ‘sticky’, the price for the 2012 Forts could be very tempting.

The estate released 4,000 cases of the 2006 for €450 per bottle a dozen ex-Bordeaux (négociant), making it some £5,250 in London.

The current market price of that wine on Liv-ex is £4,525 so its appeal may be limited – unless there a buyers desperately seeking 2006 Latour with perfect provenance that is.

Meanwhile, 7,000 cases of the Forts de Latour were released at €145 a bottle ex-Bordeaux so will be offered in London for around £1,700. As the wine has never been released before there is no benchmark market price to compare it to but as the cheapest Forts currently on the market (the 2006 and 2011) are also around £1,700 a dozen and the 2012 is ‘technically’ a better vintage, this compares rather favourably.

It’s a good wine, well-scored by the top critics and from a decent vintage and it’s currently missing from collectors’ cellars – the expectation must be that it will sell.

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