Top 10 drinks books for Christmas 2017

Cork Dork – Bianca Bosker

For anyone that has worked in the wine trade, or has a fascination with the world of the sommelier, Bianca Bosker’s debut Cork Dork is sure to delight.

Bosker, a tech journalist, knew little of the world of wine before delving into writing this novel, making her first impressions of the wine trade and the characters that inhabit it all the more genuine and endearing.

The crux of its premise is Bosker’s real life journey to understand the passion and drive embodied by the sommelier, to discover just why a bottle of wine can spark such interest and ultimately if she too could become a cork dork.

As part of this mission, Bosker boldly ventures into New York City with a neuroscientist’s MRI machine to meet sommeliers at top restaurants, attends underground wine tastings and mass market wineries. 

A blast for anyone with even a slight insight into the industry, and for those looking in wondering what it’s all about.

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