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The week’s top 10 most read

We round up the week’s most read articles on the drinks business including a whisky bottle discovered in a warship’s mast after 35 years and the return of an unusual cocktail garnish.

Click through to view this week’s top 10 articles. 

10. Top drinks-related facts about Fourth of July

To mark the USA’s 241st year of Independence, we have rounded up the top drinks-related facts to shine a light on how alcohol has helped shape and celebrate its formation. To view the article, please click here.


9. Top 10 most fattening beers

In a world that is becoming increasingly concerned with health and fitness, it is no surprise that this is the week’s ninth most read article. To view the list of the top 10 most fattening beers, please click here. You may also be interested in our compilation of 10 of the world’s least fattening beers.



8. Cocktail bar reunited with stolen severed toe

In at number eight also wins the prize for the week’s most revolting story. A bar in Dawson City, Canada was reunited with its treasured cocktail garnish after a thief unceremoniously plucked the pickled toe, used in the bar’s Sourtoe cocktail, from its home at the Downtown Hotel.

After reports that the severed digit had gone missing, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police launched an appeal while the local tourism body launched the ‘Make a Toenation’ campaign on social media. To read the full article, please click here.


7. Top 10 low calorie wine brands

This week’s seventh most-read article is our round up of the top 10 low-calorie wine brands, ranked according to their scale, awareness and, primarily, calorie content. To view the full list, please click here. 




6.  Top 5 biggest price increases of Bordeaux 2016

With the assistance of pricing analysis from Liv-ex, we compiled a list of the top five biggest price increases of the Bordeaux 2016 en primeur campaign. Take a look at the full article here. 




5. Coravin to become ‘the Nespresso of wine’

Coravin’s CEO, Fred Levy, wants it to become ‘the Nespresso of wine’

Coravin’s CEO, Fred Levy, told db‘s Lucy Shaw that it is his dream for Coravin to become “the Nespresso of wine and to see one in every kitchen all over the world.”

“I want people to retire their corkscrews,” he added. To read more about Coravin’s bold ambitions, please click here.



4. Top 10 Scotch whisky brands 

Always popular among our readers, we round up the top 10 Scotch whisky brands for 2015. To view the full article, please click here. We will be publishing the 2016 compilation shortly.



3. Charles Banks sentenced to four years behind bars

Charles Banks and his wife Ali.

Last week, Charles Banks, the former co-owner of cult Californian winery Screaming Eagle, was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of wire fraud in April. Banks was accused and found guilty of defrauding retired NBA star Tim Duncan out of US$10 million. To read the full report, please click here.


2. Vinexpo CEO: ‘I don’t want to experience that ever again’

Vinexpo’s CEO Guillaume Deglise told db‘s Patrick Schmitt about his frustration that this year’s Vinexpo had coincided with a heat wave in Bordeaux. He also stressed that action was needed in order to avoid a repeat of the stifling conditions. To read the full article, please click here.

1. Whisky found stashed on warship after 35 years

This week’s most popular article with db‘s readers was the report that a miniature of six-year-old MacNaughton Canadian Whisky had been discovered on an Australian warship, after being hidden in its mast for 35 years. To read about how the bottle was found, please click here.

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