What lies ahead for the UK drinks industry?

Jon White, head of marketing, Armit Wines

“The wine industry must continue to work together to lobby government for answers and action that will protect our markets. Clearly, we face a challenge to the very way we do business, with many of the primary regions that we purchase our products from in Europe, and we must find a way to ensure that our relationships and ability to conduct business with key partners – many of which have been developed and invested in over many years – will not be jeopardised. It is going to be the

businesses that are able to be flexible, innovative, decisive and quick thinking that will prosper. These businesses will be the most likely to maximise any favourable opportunities that present themselves, and prosper in the changing environment in which we find ourselves.”

“We are focusing on showcasing the breadth of our portfolio [at this year’s show], for though we are understandably associated with Italy we have a very diverse range of wines. The challenges facing us means we need to show strength in all viable price categories without sacrificing quality.  Talking to our customers and understanding how we can add value to their business without devaluing our brands will be fundamental in the year to come and the LWF provides the ideal platform to hold these conversations with both existing and potential customers. We also want to inject a sense of fun and promote engagement with our customers, remind people why we love to work in this industry which is why we have put together a schedule of events for the duration of the show.”


For a run-down of what is in store at this year’s London Wine Fair, check out our guide in the May issue of the magazine, or click here.

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