Office to install ‘press for Champagne’ buttons on desks

New luxury London offices will swap the intercom for Champagne buttons with workers waited on hand, foot and now finger.

The famous ‘Press for Champagne’ buttons at Bob Bob Ricard.

As reported by The Evening Standard, future occupants of new offices in London’s Soho will also be able to order cocktails and caviar to accompany their glass of fizz. Sticks’n’Sushi restaurant, on the ground floor of 40 Beak Street, will deliver the refreshments via ‘waiterstyle lifts’ that connect to the offices above.

The concept was inspired by Soho staple Bob Bob Ricard, famed for its gold ‘press for Champagne’ buttons mounted at every table.

According to the architects, Stiff + Trevillion, the development of 40 Beak Street will “see the demolition and redevelopment of an existing police section house into a new five storey building (plus basement).”

The new block will feature “a glazed brick facade and a collaboration with artist Lee Simmons” at a cost of £550 per square foot.

Simon Lyons, chief executive of the developers, Enstar Capital, said it will be “the finest office complex in Soho, built to last 100 years and the largest construction project currently taking place in the locality”.

(Photo: Stiff + Trevillion)

Michael Stiff, director at Stiff + Trevillion commented: “The design of 40 Beak Street is steeped in the heritage of Soho. Everything from the glazed brick elevation to the door handles will be unique to this building.

“We know Enstar Capital want their developments to be exemplary: 40 Beak Street is no exception, set in the heart of Soho. We have sought to produce a piece of architecture that celebrates this unique location.

“Enstar Capital have commissioned sculptor Lee Simmons to create a site-specific cast aluminum frieze and window surround for the new building.”

Enstar made headlines when they created a similarly sumptuous workspace in Mayfair, complete with gold-plated bathrooms and timber flooring imported from a 16th century Tuscan monastery. They have also borrowed the Champagne-on-request concept – La Petite Maison restaurant provides a comparable service for the Mayfair office, though without the handy buttons.

The Soho offices are due to be completed in March 2018, costing roughly £15 million.

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